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Anansi Boys

Anansi Boys - Neil Gaiman Such an absolutely delightful tale this was. I fell in love with American Gods long after most of the book world had been telling me for years 'YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK.' And they were right, of course. I should listen more. When I found out Anansi Boys was along a similar vein, I was so excited! Because for me, it's very difficult to find books that are exactly like this, with characters so flawed and complex, who screw up a lot, but are also brave and find themselves through the course of a magical fairy tale. That is exactly my very favorite kind of book, and I never knew it was until I discovered this author. This one is much less dense than American Gods, but not in a bad way. Less characters and intertwining plots, but I found that to be an advantage, as I very much liked who lived among these pages. I think that's really the core of what I like so much; so much life is given to everyone and everything. An entire world is unwrapped for you to explore, some of it dark and violent (he always has that) but also beautiful and always highlighting the resilience of the human spirit. And that is such a nice thing to celebrate.

Sometimes I will go a long time without reading something like this, and I'll read several sub-par books in a row, and then I'll remember that there is magic in the book world and I run to it.

Sometimes you just don't know how much you need to read Neil Gaiman until you read Neil Gaiman. You probably need to, and this is an excellent choice.