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Kiss the Girl

Kiss the Girl - Melissa Brayden I think it's pretty safe to say that Melissa Brayden is an author I can put on my "go-to for consistently good stories" shelf. She writes good characters and is very good at writing couples that feel very real to the everyday reader. This couple might be my favorite out of all four of her books for me, and the story might be my favorite, too. But, I reserve the right to change my mind if I re-read Heart Block.

There are some serious issues the characters have to deal with on the road to romance in this one, and they're dealt with honestly, with the appropriate level of tension for such themes. Brooklyn has abandonment issues and tends to run, and is dealing with meeting her biological mother for the first time. Her friends are her family, and they provide her with support she so desperately needs. What I really liked about this story the most is the open communication the couple consistently keeps up. Most times, the strife for a romance is heavily geared toward a preponderance of miscommunication which can be so very frustrating when you just want to yell at them "oh just ask her what's going on and talk about it!" Not that I don't enjoy it when characters do that, I do love me some angst. However it's nice when the couple is predominantly the calm in the eye of the storm. Yes they have bumps on the road to love, but they always communicate their feelings. There is nothing sexier than honest communication, in my opinion.

I did have one issue with the dialogue, in that multiple characters had similar humor, so I had a hard time differentiating who was speaking when. But overall, I really enjoyed the story and might have to make this another of my go-to feel-good books. Highly recommend.