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Mending Defects

Mending Defects - Lynn Galli So far, this is by far my favorite Galli book. I don't know if at this point I was done with the Virginia friends from the other books, or if these characters were particularly lovable.

Glory suffers from an extremely serious congenital heart defect that requires some heavy duty maintenance. Her new neighbor Lena becomes friends with her while trading some impressive sarcastic interactions that I really enjoyed. I think the sarcasm is what I enjoyed most about this book, as I love messing with my friends (and wife) quite a bit. There is nothing better than seeing that kind of wit reflected back at me in literary form.

The book does end a bit abruptly, as there were some issues that came up resulting from their relationship. You could see how their future could be a bit problematic their small town, and I'm wondering if that will be more fleshed out in her newest book.