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An Infatuation

An Infatuation - Jennifer Lyndon Although the writing is overall functionally sound (but there are typos), I have a lot of problems with this book. It starts with the main character Elise (who seems quite happily married) discussing how much she despises the woman that took her husband's promotion from him. Then she meets the woman (Juliana) and becomes almost immediately obsessed with her. From the title you think "infatuation-ok so it's probably a pretty intense attraction going on." But this is pure obsession. And I would suggest an unhealthy one at that. I had a hard time understanding what exactly they saw in each other to make such an instant connection believable. The characters did have excellent chemistry, the author is good at writing that.

However, the speed at which these two go to calling each other "honey" and "baby" in front of everyone they know is quite alarming. Also, Juliana is emotionally immature at best. She has tantrums, reacts defensively a lot, and cries and stomps off when she doesn't get her way. Honestly, I contemplated borrowing my wife's DSM to determine if this character could be classified as a sociopath (I believe she is). I know that sounds kind of crazy, but let me tell you why I think so.

Everything up to approximately 75% of the book made me keep looking back to make sure that this was in fact written as a romance. I honestly thought it was a thriller and that someone would be murdered at some point. The arguments they had sounded like arguments one would have with an emotionally unstable person. As an example, at one point Juliana asks Elise to go with her to San Francisco to pick up some stuff from her parents' house. They leave the next day for what they say will be a week. When they get there, there is some seriously weird conversations involving the mother, who photographed her daughter being put into deadly situations when she was a child (this is never brought up again, indescribably). Juliana then says they need to go to the vacation home and just be together for a few days, after being really creepy and irrational about a bike she bought for Elise in San Francisco WEEKS ago (wait-but didn't she JUST ask her to come to San Fran? Yes, because she's manipulative and creepy). Eventually they return home THREE WEEKS LATER without giving any word to her husband and children, who she left in Colorado.

I kept with the book but by the end, I honestly did not want these characters to end up together. I didn't like how Juliana talked to Elise even when they were on good terms (don't even get me started on the 'cabbage incident'). I kept yelling at my e-reader "No! Don't do it! She's going to make furniture out of your skin!"

Think I'm being overly dramatic? Yeah, I probably am. But I think I would have liked this book a lot more if it had been a thriller instead. That, I would have understood.

On the plus side, since the character of Elise showed fairly good growth throughout, the author shows potential. I just think this book missed the mark in a lot of areas.