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Olive Oil and White Bread

Olive Oil and White Bread - Georgia Beers I was just so happy with this book. It reads more like a memoir than a fiction novel, and it's something that you don't see much in lesfic. It chronicles a couple's relationship, showing both the good and the bad that everyone in a long-term relationship has experienced.

Not only that, you also get to witness the protagonists experiencing events that have greatly shaped the lesbian community, such as the first lesbian character on tv, family reactions to their relationship, and the recent acceptance of same-sex marriage by state's legislature. You relive the terror of 9-11 and the sadness of losing family, friends and loved ones for various reasons, all things that have greatly affected our population over the last decades.

It was emotional at times, but I simply couldn't put it down or keep myself from pulling for their relationship to succeed, even when I wanted to smack them for not communicating enough. Highly recommended.