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Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster - Karin Kallmaker Similarly to Finder’s Keepers, a large majority of this book has the two main characters separated by great distance (Helen in New York, Laura at her home in California). I actually like that Kallmaker has begun doing this with her stories. It allows the reader to really learn a lot about each character independently, and for the protagonists to become friends before lovers.

Laura has her demons, and a lot of her problems are tied up with her drug addiction. Helen has gone 50 years of her life before realizing that she may have been looking for love in the wrong place. They have their own issues to overcome but do so with a minimum of angst and misunderstandings.

I can usually count on Kallmaker to write solid story and interesting characters. It’s not a terribly complex story, but then if I wanted that I wouldn’t pick up a romance. Still, I enjoyed the dialogue as well as the minor characters in the story.

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